Serving pest management professionals in the U.S. and Canada
Serving pest management professionals in the U.S. and Canada

Technology - Pest Extermination Heater

Mobile Extermination Van

Mobile Extermination

Mobile extermination equipment for killing bed bugs

The most mobile and easiest way to kill bed bugs and its larvae.

With the ExThermonator you can undertake multiple treatment jobs on the same day.

The Heater

The ExThermonator uses a patented internal combustion Micro Turbine with NO external or exposed flame.

The burning of the fuel is designed to be contained entirely within the combustion walls making it completely safe to operate. The heater module converts over 95% of the fuel to usable heat.

During operation the diesel fuel is vaporized. This means it is converted to a gas, rather than burned as a liquid, before it enters the combustion chamber. The result is continuously sustained combustion that is highly efficient and extremely clean.

The output from the JetHeat ExThermonator heater produces clean, breathable air.

Extermination Heater
Flexible Heating Ducting

Flexible Ducting to direct heat

Manufactured with two of our proprietary fabrics, these ducts and accessories are assembled with wire helix reinforcement and heavy duty abrasion resistant wear strip.

This custom construction provides exceptional durability and strength for extreme applications.

Using splitters, the duct can be directed into multiple parts of the building for efficient heating.

Temperature Monitoring Kit

The kit comes with a set of sensors and a remote temperature monitoring software programmed to a laptop computer.

The sensors are placed in different locations throughout the heated area to measure temperature at different spots.

Using the software, temperature can be monitored real-time and heat can be directed towards cold areas as needed.

Temperature Monitoring Kit for Thermal Extermination
Fan to move heated air for thermal extermination


Fans can be used to direct hot air from the heater to different parts of the treatment area.

Fans are useful especially while treating large areas to ensure that there are no cold spots.

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